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Gemstones that have been produced by the nature are called natural gemstone. They are not man-made gemstones
Every single emerald sold from our company is a natural emerald. we do not sell man-made emeralds, or simulant (imitant) emeralds.
A synthetic material and/or a natural material that a have superficial resemblance to a gemstone which it imitates is called a simulant.
Most of the emeralds have been enhanced. The most common and accepted treatment method is oiling either with a resin or natural oils.

We will always disclose the treatment of the emerald.

you can place an special request to buy non treated emerald. GWA will be more than happy to assist you with your purchase.
GWA will provide you a certificate that states the condition and features of your gemstone. This certificate will be a proof that you have legally bought a genuine Colombian emerald in Australia.

If this is not enough!!!

You may be able to obtain a third party certificate with us for an extra fee. We have a close relationship with several valuators in Western Australia or you can choose one yourself we will be happy to do the process in your behalf.

we can contact you will valuators from GAA, GIA and NCJV

Because we are in Australia we strongly recommend valuators from GAA, NCJV
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